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  • How Do I Know If My Trial Class Is Confirmed?
  • Do I Need To Contact The teacher?
  • How Long Are The Classes?
  • How Is Billing Done?

A trial session is scheduled for 30 minutes in total. The actual class duration is 25 minutes. To proceed, kindly create an account and then select a convenient time for your trial class. Pick a time when you are typically available, allowing you to finalize your enrollment for the same time every week."

?"How Do I Know If My Trial Class Is Confirmed"

Once you have chosen a time slot through our system and completed all the necessary confirmations, you will be directed to your student Dashboard. On this Dashboard, you will find your session details and be granted access to Resources and other features. If you see this screen, it means your class is confirmed. Please make a note of the class time (in your time zone) and log into the system 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Click on the 'Go to class' button, and your teacher will be waiting for you

?Do I Need To Contact The Teacher

No, there is no requirement to contact the teacher or support staff. Our system is designed to automatically inform teachers when a new student signs up for a trial. They will see you on their daily schedule and conduct the class at the appointed time. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket from the system Dashboard or email us{emai} . Additionally, our support staff is available{historey } through live chat. The live chat option will be accessible once you log into the system

?How Long Are The Classes

:The classes are of two types

  1. Standard Sessions: The actual class time is 45 minutes, and the class is booked for 60 minutes. We allocate 5 minutes for situations like students running late, teachers needing to use restrooms, or teachers having to pray, etc

  2. Full Sessions: The actual class time is 50 minutes, and the class is booked for 60 minutes. We reserve 5-10 minutes for scenarios like students running late, teachers needing to use restrooms, teachers having to perform Salah (prayer), eat, etc. The teachers usually work 8-hour shifts back to back

?How Is Billing Done

Billing at "AMAM "operates on a pre-paid system. Students are required to pay for the entire month's classes on the 1st of each month. The system calculates the precise number of classes a student will have in that month and charges the fees accordingly.For further information, kindly refer to our Pricing page

What are you waiting for? Recite with confidence and savor the beauty of th Qur'an. Discover peace and tranquility within its verses



We take pride in our team of highly qualified male and female teachers who specialize in teaching the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies to non-Arabic speakers through online courses

Our online Quran teachers from Egypt are considered the best choice for learning Quran and Arabic, whether for yourself or your kids. They are native speakers, possessing extensive knowledge and years of experience in teaching the Quran and Arabic to non-Arabs

The majority of Egyptian Quran teachers are graduates of Al-Azhar University, the oldest degree-granting university and renowned as one of the most prestigious institutions for Sunni Islamic learning and Quranic Sciences

Egypt is also renowned for its mastery of Quran recitation, with many famous Qaris (reciters) throughout history, such as Qari Siddique Ahmed Minshawi and Qari Abdul Basit. It is said that the Quran was revealed in Arabic and recited by Egyptians

Better Teacher = Better Student

We value skills and expertise over mere experience. Our teaching staff comprises a blend of experienced and skilled educators who possess effective teaching abilities for young children, teenagers, and adults alike. With this talented workforce, we ensure that each teacher takes personal responsibility for every student's progress, ensuring that learning outcomes are achieved in every lesson. We do not progress to the next lesson until the student has mastered the previous one

We hire qualified and certified teachers through a thorough interview and verification process. By selecting the best candidates for the job, we aim to provide exceptional services to our students

Authenticity and Certification

Our tutors are qualified from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, as well as the Islamic council

With certified tutors, we offer authentic Quran courses and lessons, ensuring that there are no discrepancies in the Islamic content and teachings provided

The Female Tutors

For young girls and females, we have a diverse group of female teachers who are skilled in teaching Arabic, Quran, and Islamic courses

Our goal is to ensure that female students feel confident, safe, and secure while learning from our female tutors. All teachers have been certified and possess several years of experience in the teaching field

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